Our partner pools

Stake your ADA and LEAFTOKEN with one of our partner pools to receive 4.20 % interest on LEAFTOKEN each epoch!

If you stake at one of our partner pools and own at least 1 LEAFS by JOSH NFT or 1 SickCity x LEAF NFT you will get 4.20T LEAF per epoch through DripDropz.io

Metro Mermaids mission is to restore and protect our oceans! We are a Great Lakes based charity focused Cardano Stake Pool with nodes operating in St. Louis, Missouri and Düsseldorf, Germany. We donate 50% of our stake pools monthly block rewards to Coral Restoration Foundation and Sea Shepherd.
Yodastaking is a french hosted staking pool for the cardano network (Server is located in Graveline - North of France, other relays are located all over the world for a better decentralisation). We are a team with Yoann (frontend developer as the lead of the project well known from those who follows the french channel of cardano fr) and Li (sysadmin) who takes cares of the server maintenance.
BBHMM is managed by a professional hand-picked IT team made up of infrastructure, security and software experts. This seasoned team actively manages infrastructure and runs secures applications 24/7/365 on a global network scale.
We are crypto enthusiasts since 2020 and we are interested in the Cardano project. We decided to create a stake pool to support decentralisation. What are our goals? To run a stake pool that is constantly growing in order to support social projects in the future. To run a reliable stake pool to support the decentralisation of the Cardano network.
In 2019, in our free time, we started creating educational articles and later also educational videos on the Crypto Colony YouTube channel, in which we try to show people how cryptocurrencies work in a friendly animated form. This creation costs us a lot of energy and time, and in order to keep it sustainable, we were looking for more hands and a source of funding. That’s why we, as big fans of Cardano, decided to establish the Crypto Colony Pool.
Enigm₳ is a mission driven pool. We Donate to cancer research hospital and give ADA bonuses to our delegators. Come join our family and help those who are in need.
Three experts from the IT / finance industry who have been dealing with the topic for a long time and are friends. Driving the development of the blockchain is very important to us and that is why we have decided to set up our own pool. We have 4 main servers and 2 testnets.
theTokenSquare17 has a mission to bring more Art into Society. The evolution of graphic design and digital art has opened the door for new mediums to emerge in the 21st century. With our rewards we support and donate Art projects by donating 20% of our Stake Pool Rewards. With "the Token Square 17" we try to bring all artists and their creativity in one place, so that people can find them easy and exchange them. Finally, we believe in Cardano platform, which builds a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems.
Your pool too?
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