LEAFTOKEN is the dankest 420 themed meme token on the Cardano blockchain. LEAFTOKEN is the token every stoner waited for! The token is minted in a high supply (pun intended) and the majority is distributed through our dispensary and DripDropz.io Get yours today and roll one!

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Stake with partner pools and receive rewards! 


Visit our dispensary to receive LEAFTOKEN fresh from the farm! 

Rolling Paper

Read the rolling paper and get an idea about the project!

LEAFTOKEN is in over 40000 wallets
Over 650000 transactions on Cardano
3 NFT collections

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can send more tan 4.20 through our old dispensary, each extra 1 ADA sent will multiply your initial pull randomly! Use the multiplication feature with caution. 

LEAFTOKEN: b788fbee71a32d2efc5ee7d151f3917d99160f78fb1e41a1bbf80d8f
LEAFs by JOSH: dd87f5194c99046c8151616a63ceb51479acd2ba9fed6ff6f198a7f7
SickCity x LEAFS: f1e547b288e80f364e66c4464b199baa52c553f109ec23369e7bf816
LEAFTOKEN Trapper Bags: 442019e0fb0713857f3d65c7d294c9a3c0b8cccba4301354d5a392d5

LEAFTOKEN is a so-called meme coin and there is no real value behind it. It is mostly used to teach the possibilities of the Cardano blockchain. It is not considered an investment. I will nevertheless try to build real value behind it.

Do not use an exchange wallet. Use wallets like Eternl, Nami, Flint, Typhoon, etc. 

Easiest way to view them is to visit pool.pm/>>yourwalletaddress<<. 
Most wallets also allow to view your tokens in the app!

Yes, we are listed on MuesliSwap and SundaeSwap.

Step 1: Stake with one of our partner pools.
Step 2: Visit LEAFTOKEN staking.
Step 3 (optional): Own a LEAFs by JOSH or SickCity x LEAF NFT and get extra rewards from DripDropz every epoch!